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Have you wondered about what actually makes a bulb glows when you put on the switch? Have you ever wondered what actually makes the bell ring when you go visiting a friend? I’m sure many of you know the general principle in theory. Some of you may also have seen your teachers conduct a few experiments in your school laboratory. Now would you like to create an experiment yourself that will actually make a bulb glow? Or make a bell ring? Create a quiz where a bulb glows with every correct answer?  Here, then, is the Dynam Electrikit. It has 60 experiments that you can conduct all by yourself, with the help of a detailed Instruction Manual. The experiments cover the following areas: General Principles of Current Flow, Permanent Magnets, Temporary Magnets and General Principles of Magnetism, Measuring Instruments, Applications.

  • Electric Meter
  • Electric Hammer
  • Writing with Electricity
  • Electric Bell
  • Eelctric Motor

Will make the child understand concepts about physics, electricity.     

The Kit contains: Base board, Magnetic compass, Switch base and many more interesting parts. For the full list, please see photos.

Recommended Age Group:  10+ years

Price: Rs. 1999/-


Choking parts/hazard - "Warning - Small Parts and not for children under 5 years.   Adult Supervision Recommended"

Manufacturers: Zappkitz

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