Dynam Microscope Kit

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Recommended Age Group:  6+ years

Price: Rs. 699/-

About the product:

Have you ever wondered why your parents are very particular about the water you drink? Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to swat a fly? Have you ever seen the fungus on a stale slice of bread? I’m sure many of you know the general principle in theory. Now would you like to create your own slides and see the tiny microorganisms in dirty water? See the compound eyes of a fly, and understand why it is so vigilant? Actually see the mould growing on a piece of stale bread? Here, then, is the Dynam Mini Microscope, the world’s smallest microscope. It received the Worlddidac Gold Award for excellence in educational aids. (Incidentally, this award is like the Oscar award in educational aids).


Choking parts/hazard - "Warning - Small Parts and not for children under 5 years.   Adult Supervision Recommended"

Manufacturers: Zappkitz

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