Dynam Maglite Kit

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Recommended Age Group:  6+ years

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About the product:

The Dynam Mag-Lite Kit features over 20 experiments on Electricity, Magnetism and Electrolysis. Teaches concepts through play-way and is great fun to use… Students can perform 20 experiments and learn all about the fundamentals of electric current flow, permanent magnetism and electrolysis. Starting with a single bulb and a very simple electric circuit, they progress step by step into assembly of switches in the circuit, series and parallel circuits, and conductors and insulators. The section on magnetism explores permanent magnets, lines of force, ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ poles, attraction, repulsion and the magnetic effect of an electric current. The section on electrolysis explores the conductivity of water, ways of finding the positive and negative terminals utilizing the electrolyte and finally electrolyzing potassium iodide solution.
A fully illustrated instruction manual guides the student through these 20 exciting experiments.


Choking parts/hazard - "Warning - Small Parts and not for children under 5 years.   Adult Supervision Recommended"

Manufacturers: Zappkitz

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