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1. The Dynam Electrikit:

The Dynam Electrikit features over 60 experiments on electricity and magnetism.  User friendly theory & practice at one sitting. No teacher needed. Work alone or in groups. Play while you learn! It has been the all-time favorite and choice of many across the world for years.

  • Electric Meter
  • Electric Hammer
  • Writing with Electricity
  • Electric Bell
  • Eelctric Motor

Will make the child understand concepts about physics, electricity.     

The Kit contains: Base board, Magnetic compass, Switch base and many more interesting parts. For the full list, please see photos.

Recommended Age Group:  10+ years

Price: Rs. 2499/-


2. The Dynam Microscope:

The Dynam Microscope from Zappkitz

Launching the Dynam Microscope from Zappkitz. 
Magnification upto 60x. NCERT Award Winner. Patented by Dynam. 

An innovative, rugged, real Microscope. Ideal for children. Great value. Great learning. 

Recommended Age Group:  8 years & above

Price: Rs. 549/-

About the product:

The Dynam Microscope from Zappkitz is a passport to the wonders of nature that are invisible to the naked eye. Used with imagination, this little microscope can bring home to you hours of educational entertainment from the fascinating microscopic world. The tiny cells of the leaf, cross-sectional details of the various stems, intricate parts of tiny insects, micro-organisms in stagnant water... all these now become a reality with this amazing instrument.Caution!

Choking parts/hazard - "Warning - Small Parts and not for children under 5 years.   Adult Supervision Recommended"

Manufacturers: Zappkitz

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