Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Fee: Rs.4500

Brain Wonders
The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) helps parents develop a specific learning program for their precious little ones, based on unique and individualized retentive powers and abilities. This way, a child’s brain remains focused on only those subjects that would hone his/her natural bent of mind, and not force the pressures of extra, unnecessary subjects. 
By making your little ones undergo this test will help you identify about their 
  • Inborn potential.
  • Inner talent.
  • Dominance of the 8 types of Intelligences.
  • Preferred learning style of the Child.
  • Inborn Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Right Parenting Method.
  • Effective Further Course of Action.
Program Inclusions: 
  • 1 Multiple Intelligence Scan.
  • 1 Multiple Intelligence Analysis.
  • 1 Multiple Intelligence Session (60 minutes).
  • 24 page detailed report from Malaysia.
More than 15000 Parents throughout India have benefited through this Unique Patented Technology.
A child responds best to cognition-based intelligence training, or kinesthetic learning (gesture-based learning), then a properly developed Dermatoglyphics-aided tests would help the parents identify an educational course for the child.
Duration: 1 hour 
[Note: Prior appointment is required]
Fees:  Rs. 4500/-
Batches: Monday - Saturday (11am to 5pm) / Choose any one hour
  • 2, Khushali Niwas, opp. Vrindavan Society, off S.V. Road, Borivali west, Mumbai - 400 092.
  • 203, Ganga Heritage, next to CCD, near Welingkar College, off Matunga Central railway station. Mumbai - 400 019.
  • 502, Orchid, Hiranandani Medows, 2nd Pokhran Road, Thane (West), Mumbai - 400 002.
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