Mathtweets Program (Workbook)

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  • Level A (Suitable for Grade 1) 
  • Level B (Suitable for Grade 1 & 2) 
  • Level C (Suitable for Grade 2 & 3) 
  • Level D (Suitable for Grade 3 & 4) 
  • Level E (Suitable for Grade 4 & 5) 
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 It is for children ages 5 - 11 and is available in A - E levels viz. Level A, Level B, Level CLevel D and Level E. 


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The Mathtweets Mathematics Program (Workbook) is the printed version of the complete set of 40-weeks weekly modules with 5 worksheets each week bound into a neat workbook.

Each math module consists of 1 TutorSheet that explains and simplifies the concept or idea that is taught during the week and 5 WorkSheets for each work-day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

The curriculum of Mathtweets has been designed after studying the curricula of various national and international school boards and hence divided into levels instead of grades, classes or standards. 


Level A deals with concept of numbers from 1 - 100, addition and subtraction, fractions - half, identifying shapes, larger-smaller, measurement and estimation of time, length, money, weight, bar graphs, plane figures, solid figures, position.

Suitable for Grade I



Level B deals with 3 digit numbers unto 999, addition, subtraction, relationship between addition & subtraction, fractions - 1/2 1/4 and 3/4. plane and solid figures, types of measurement, bar graphs, skip counting.

Suitable for Grades I and II



Level C deals with 3 digit numbers, place values, measurements, multiplication drills concept of division, division and multiplication facts, making bar graphs and line graphs from data, mixed operations, concept of unit fractions.

Suitable for Grades II and III


Level D deals with 1000 and more, operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and multiples, division and divisibility, prime and composite numbers, fractions, decimalnumbers, advanced 3D shapes & construction, introduction to algebra, interpreting graphs.

Suitable for Grades III and IV

Level E deals with numbers upto 100000, mixed operations, BODMAS division and divisibility, prime and composite numbers, fractions, decimal fractions, concept of percentages, pie charts, interpreting graphs, LCM and HCF, algebra, area and perimeter, geometry, types of triangles, triangle and their properties.

Suitable for Grades IV and V

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