Little Kids Moral stories (16 Books)

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Age Group: 3 - 5 years

NUMBER of Books: 16

Price: Rs. 432/-

This a set of 16 different  moral stories. Colourfully illustrated with large fonts and two to four lines to a page Easy for children to follow and pick up the reading habit.

The colourfully illustrated pictures will help keep the childs attention.
Book Titles:
  •     The Jackal and the War Drum
  •     The Crows and the Snake
  •     The Blue Jackal
  •     A Tale of Two Friends
  •     The Foolish Turtle
  •     The Greedy Crane
  •     The Camel and his Friends
  •     The Clever Hare
  •     The Three Fishes
  •     The wise Old Gander
  •     The Monkey and the Log
  •     The Greedy Jackal
  •     Unity is Strength
  •     The Mice that ate Iron
  •     The Monkey and the Crocodile
  •     The Sparrow and the Monkey
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