365 Stories set

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Age Group: 8 years & above

NUMBER of Books: 8

Price: Rs. 2800/-

This set of 8 books brings out the pleasure of story reading for children day after day. Short stories with bright illustrations for each story helps the child spend quality time with the books or for the parent to spend quality time reading the books to the children.
Size of each book: 17.5 x 25 cm
Pages: Approx 212 pages in each book
Book descriptions:
365 Tales - Sunrise

The Pleasure of story reading cannot be compared with any other in the world. Apart from helping one spend a quality time, stories provide a great deal to build upon different stories have different effect on the readers. Some make them strong, while others help them gather courage. The present series, “365” bring a collection of volumes for kids to read and enjoy. A story for each day in different volumes is sure to bind young readers.

Titles in this Series:-

  • 365 Adventure Tales
  • 365 World Folktales
  • 365 Arabian Tales
  • 365 Fairy Tales
  • 365 Funny Animal Tales
  • 365 Good Night Stories
  • 365 Horror Tales
  • 365 Stories for Boys
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